Why Restoration & Construction Companies Use Subcontractors

If you are in the construction or restoration industry, it isn’t uncommon (rather, it’s quite smart) to know about a few local companies that specialize and possess years of expertise and experience in a particular trade or piece of the construction puzzle. For example, general contractors typically have relationships with three or more subcontractors - electrical, HVAC, plumbing, drywall - that work under them on their projects. 

Restoration companies, such as FH Water Restoration, are no different in a sense. Most restoration companies promote four or five different services, but only specialize and have the expertise in one or two. If an inquiry comes in for a particular service they offer, but don’t specialize in, it is common practice for restoration and roofing companies to subcontract it out to a trusted contractor/trade company that has been vetted under that companies umbrella. 

For example, FH Water Restoration’s specialties are fire loss and commercial and residential roofing - all of which we manage in-house from beginning to end. We also offer water loss restoration services however, when we get those calls, whether the job is large or small, we have two to three companies under our umbrella that we trust that we subcontract it out to. All of our subcontractors are trusted, have been vetted, and meet/exceed all of Fire and Hail Roofing and Restoration’s standards. At the end of the day, we care about making our customers happy and if we can be their one-stop-shop while maintaining high-quality work, we aim to do that. 

Here’s a few reasons why we, and other restoration/construction companies, use and trust subcontractors:

Subcontractors Offer Expertise

Sometimes, as stated above, subcontractors can provide superior expertise in a particular area compared to your team or even yourself. In most cases, subcontractors have been working in their specific field for a number of years, therefore they’ve had a chance to see every situation, learn from every situation and really hone in on their skills and processes. Because of this, they’ll also be able to deliver a timely and high-quality product. 

Both Parties Receive Benefits

Not only does working with subcontractors benefit restoration/construction companies, it also provides a benefit to the subcontractors themselves. Oftentimes, subcontractors are local therefore keeping their staff employed and working benefits them and the local economy as a whole. In addition, when paired up with a larger company, subcontractors get access to larger projects that they may not have otherwise - this affords them the opportunity to build up their portfolio and get more exposure.

Cost Conscious

It is no secret that subcontracting certain aspects of a project is more cost-effective than trying to keep it all in-house. This aids in keeping costs lower for the customer and helps the restoration/construction company win more work as they can be more competitive.

Help Build Your Business

If you are a new restoration or construction company, it’s smart to use subcontractors as you build your business. You don’t want to have to turn down work, so if someone inquires about a service you don’t yet offer or don’t yet have the team for, you can keep that work under your business’s umbrella by finding a subcontractor qualified for the job. With a set up like this, your business is still the name the customer is going with and you can retain them as a client, build upon that relationship, and do that ten times over with other potential customers. Plus, getting to know subcontractors early on will help you build your rolodex of industry contacts and who you trust as you grow. It’s all about relationships in the fire and hail roofing and restoration industry!

The list of benefits for subcontracting out specific services could go on, but as you can see it can be a smart practice and is beneficial to both the restoration/construction company and the subcontractor. If you’re in the industry, you quickly learn that only the best of the best tradesmen own their own trade and contract work companies - the bad ones get weeded out really quickly. And the best of the best understand the importance of partnering with larger companies with more exposure and a more recognizable brand. That means when they get the opportunity to do so, they go above and beyond to make sure they deliver - it’s unlikely that you get an unsavory product from the best of the best in the subcontracting world. 

Would you like to learn more on this topic or do you have a fire or hail roofing and restoration need in Denver or Colorado Springs, Colorado? If so, FH Water Restoration has your back. We ARE the trusted restoration, roofing, and construction company in both Denver and Colorado Springs. Give us a call should you need help recovering from a fire loss, hail damage and more!


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