Why Property Management Companies Choose Us 2

Why Property Management Companies Choose Us


We walk all your properties and do analysis on how to handle large water loss/fire loss/exterior loss due to storm or hail damage. Each property gets notes and is uploaded into my custom database. I can pull up address and have a game plan. We can connect with the property supervisor to cover the building’s information.

Information detailed in the pre-analysis report will include:

Why Property Management Companies Choose Us 3
  • Location
  • Who to dispatch & how many
  • Number of units
  • Materials
  • Whether or not a Public Adjuster will be involved


Upon receiving a request, the situation, location, customer, phone #, and you get uploaded to my custom CRM, which will ensure we will provide stellar communication every step of the way.

Why Property Management Companies Choose Us 4

Everyone involved (myself, the project manager, the estimator, the contractors and you) will all get automatically updated on every step. I require that everyone that works with me give me every detail of conversations they have, when they plan on going out and prompt progress reports. They get sent to you however you want to receive them, whether it be e-mail, text or call automatically.

We help you grow.

Why Property Management Companies Choose Us 5

We return business and help you grow by offering free business consulting. As an owner of a successful consulting firm I will personally help your business grow through my unique sales process; covering everything from your social media to training your staff.

I have consulted in over 20 industries, one of which is property management.

My consultation will include:

  • Help with business growth
  • Business Processes
  • Review Campaigns (get more 5 star reviews)
  • Tracking and helping proficiency
  • What are you doing in house VS using contractors

Relationships & Loyalty.

For the last five years, I’ve been subbing out work to 100 different contractors in the city of Denver. The ones that were most impressive now work under Water Restoration. I only work with people I trust as well. Reputation and a good relationship mean more to us than anything else. We are not “Fly by night contractors” we love the city of Denver and the state of Colorado and plan on staying.

Why Property Management Companies Choose Us 6
  • For the last 4 years, the owner has overseen sub-contracting and project management
  • We were consultants on the Brooks Tower deal
  • Managed commercial fire loss on Emerson/big new development building in the middle of Denver
  • We did half the city’s work in 2018
  • We have worked on large commercial jobs all the way to kitchen fires!

Future Development

Why Property Management Companies Choose Us 7

I have a development team creating a process system for roofing/fire-loss/water loss and full reconstruction. Give the user/PM/adjuster/estimator/owner different levels of access for every job. It will time stamp and geo locate the contractor with a notification service that texts you updates with a progress bar.

We value your customers.

Why Property Management Companies Choose Us 8

We let your customers know they’re highly valued by you and your agency (retain customers) that you want us to take the best care of them. We are adamant on getting a 5 star rating every time, and getting them to give you one as well!

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