What I Want to Change About the Restoration Industry 2

What I Want to Change About the Restoration Industry

This industry is a dog eat dog world. Companies all over the Denver metro, and nationwide, will do all it takes to convince a customer to use their company. I have been in this industry for 13 years. Seven of which were handling fire-related losses. I have seen it all. Small kitchen fire to complete loss of a multi-family building. 

What I Do Not Like to See

First: I have seen companies lie about timelines of how long it will take to complete the project just to the dotted line signed. Depending on the size of the loss and if it has tested positive for asbestos, it can take from a month to four months to complete a project. This timeline is partially due to the necessity of pulling permits with the city which has its own timelines and regulations. It also depends on how quickly the adjuster and the restoration company come to terms of scope of work.  Adjusters themselves can extend a project by not wanting to payout. Even dealing with the mortgage company can delay plans by lack of communication on when they will issue payment. All of the above is why the restoration company should take the time to explain realistic expectations before moving forward.

Secondly, I don't like to see is adjusters pushing for you to choose their provider. That is illegal. They passed a law in 2007 where the homeowner or owner of the business can choose their trusted contractor. They should never pressure you or tell you, "this is who will be taking on this project." Unfortunately, this happens all the time.

Why was this law passed? Because insurance is a business. They chose contractors that will work with whatever the insurance company gives them (i.e. less than needed to complete a project). That means lower quality material, less experienced techs, and less skilled contractors. You would never pick them to build you a cheap house. Then why would you choose them to restore it? 

Lastly, I would change the level of care that goes into taking care of not only the homeowner's damaged property but the homeowner. No Homeowner wants to be left out of the loop; communication is incredibly important. Answering your phone is incredibly important. Not having a customer in limbo is incredibly important. A lot of times, things go smoothly for us, but there are always delays. Situations arise that need to be taken care of proactively by the contractor, the homeowner, and with the help of the adjuster. At the end of every week, a contractor should inform the homeowner of where the process is and what still needs to be done. Showing progress with defined timelines and no lack of communication is what this industry needs.

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