The Future of Emergency Restoration 2

The Future of Emergency Restoration

The Insurance industry is a business. They will try to reduce the payout of a loss or minimize the size of the claim, whether it be home or auto. The restoration industry is highly regulated, and it takes knowledge in estimating, supplementing, management, and skilled laborers. Your loss should be handled without shortcuts, and IICRC standards should be strictly adhered to (what is IICRC?). To accomplish this properly, it costs a substantial amount of money.

For insurance companies to reduce how much the payout will be for a claim, they will eventually use in-house mitigation companies that abide by their standards with no supplementing. They work for the insurance company - not for you. The Insurance industry will use programs or TPAs. Third-party associations to take care of your claim; companies that follow certain regulations according to insurance company standards. Is this a good or bad thing? Well, in my experience when restoration companies are part of a TPA. They have to pay a percentage to the TPA company. Cutting into their margins. Do companies still do exceptional work when the profit margin gets tampered with? We would hope so. Do you want to take that risk? In the state of Colorado, you can choose whomever you want to do the mitigation and reconstruction of your house.

They passed a law several years ago that states that the homeowner has the right to choose a trusted contractor; and they do not have to go with the insurance adjuster’s choice. Again, providers work for and with the insurance company. Some companies are amazing, and some are not. Always read the reviews before signing to into a five-month relationship. Insurance companies have desk adjusters that try to lower and lower the claim and amount of equipment or work that is needed to take care of your household properly. It's all the little things you don't see on the back end of your claim. Replace your roof partially vs. the whole roof, In the future. I recommend choosing a company that knows how to work with the insurance adjuster. Choose a company you trust to ensure you have experts handling your loss. Good with communication and most importantly is transparent and answers their phone!

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