The Best Time of Year to Start Building Your Dream Home

Have you purchased a piece of property and started designing your dream home? If so, congrats! Getting those two things done are accomplishments worth celebrating! Now that you’ve started designing, do you have a plan for the construction, such as when you’re going to start building? If not, let Fire and Hail's Roofing & Restoration Construction division help you get on the right path for your residential construction project early on by helping you start construction at the right time.

The best time to start construction is all dependent on the weather and where you live. In most areas of the United States though, the best time of year to start building a home is in the springs. Here’s why the spring is a good time to start digging for your dream home:

More Daylight, Longer Working Hours

With spring and summer comes longer days – not only here in Colorado, but everywhere else on this side of the world. The sun is lighting up the sky earlier in the morning until later at night. This allows for more work to get done. Contractors can arrive earlier and work later to get the work done in a shorter amount of time. This maximization of time helps in getting the construction project done on schedule.

Weather Impacts are Less Likely

In the early construction stages, the structure is normally fully exposed to the elements as it takes time to get to a point where everything is enclosed. That being said, if you are working on the bulk of the “exposed to the elements” areas in spring, you are less likely to deal with snow that would cause a delay. The temperature is getting warmer and warmer each day and with each day, the chance of a weather impact or delay goes lower.

Perfect Temperature - Not Too Hot or Cold

Spring allows for the perfect temperature for outside working conditions. Your contractors and laborers won’t be freezing, but they also won’t be experiencing a heatwave. This is important because again, everything is exposed in the early stages so you don’t have the option to have A/C or heat around you as you’re working.

Opportunity to Plan

With starting construction early in the year as spring hits, you’re giving yourself time to plan for the snowy winter months that Colorado experiences. You’ll get a fuller picture of the stage construction will be in come November and what you have to do to get through the winter months based on what is left to do. This also allows time to adjust the schedule or the workflow to avoid any potential winter disasters or working through the winter on something that could wait or be done prior to.

Overall, choosing the time of year to start building your dream home is important, regardless of where you live. On top of all of these reasons, we also love that spring brings a freshness and newness to life. The wildlife starts coming back out again, new flowers and plants start sprouting. It’s a season for good change – what better time to start building your new life with your new home?

Thinking about finding a piece of property and building a home? Contact FH Water Restoration for your construction project – we will be hands-on and make the project seamless from start to finish!


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