Signs Your Home has Structural Damage

Structural damage to your home can be caused by a number of things – natural disasters, age, or accidents. If you happen to catch or suspect structural damage to your home, it’s best to get it looked at immediately as it will only get worse if it goes unfixed. FH Water Restoration has years of experience in fixing structural damage or making structural changes. Based on our experience, here are signs your home has structural damage and how to spot them:

Cracks in Walls & Ceilings or Around Doors/Windows

The state of your walls or the area surrounding doors/windows is very telling of what could be going on beneath your walls. Cracks anywhere in your home typically indicate a structural failure of some sort which could lead to a collapse in that particular area. This can be due to rot from moisture damage inside the walls or structural shifting as the home has settled. Although not all cracks mean your home is experiencing structural failure, it is a good idea to take note of them and have them checked out. At the least, you need to keep track of the progress of change in the cracks. If they grow in width or length over time, that is a big warning sign meaning you need to have the cracks looked at and the source determined.

Floors or Roofs Sinking In

Sagging floors are common in older homes. Once they hit a certain age, the foundation may need to be reinforced if you see floors start sinking in. Another telltale sign is a sagging roof, which is a serious problem that can lead to other issues. A sagging roof is typically related to moisture and leaks and should be looked at immediately to avoid any further damage.

Doors or Windows Sticking

If your doors or windows are sticking as you open and close them, this could be a sign that your foundation is settling therefore affecting the alignment of your doors and windows. This could also be due to shifting soil on the lot your home is sitting on - this is very common in Colorado where we are based. You can check on this on your own by going outside and taking a look at your exterior walls – are they sloping, curving, or leaning? To get an even more accurate read, you can grab a level and see if there is anything off. If there is, you’ll need a structural assessment and to get it looked at.

Whether you are in Colorado or not, anyone can be affected by structural failures in their homes. In fact, it’s a common issue that homeowners run into. If you notice any signs your home has structural damage or failure in your Denver area home, give FH Water Restoration a call. Our team is happy to come to you to check it out and provide a free consultation on a path forward to resolve the issue.


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