Insurance Adjuster Expectations 2

Insurance Adjuster Expectations

The insurance adjuster works for your insurance company to give a detailed, line itemized scope of the work for the contractor to work with to mitigate and reconstruct the damage done to your home.

They SHOULD also explain the process to you and have your best interests in mind.

They SHOULD let you know that they will work with the restoration company you choose, and they will work with them to get you back in your home with little to no hassle.

They SHOULD be empathetic to your situation and walk you through any concerns you may have.

They SHOULD always answer the phone and get back to you promptly whenever you have a problem or issue.

They SHOULD be working for you. You are their customer. You pay every month for homeowners’ insurance. This is a service you pay for and should expect exceptional attention and service.

They SHOULD help you and the contractor with any aspect of the project to get things moving forward.

They SHOULDN'T make you feel forced into a decision to use their provider.

They SHOULDN'T be hard to reach.

They SHOULDN'T prolong the project by not accepting a proper scope of work form the contractor.

Knowing these things can be beneficial for you as the homeowner moving forward.  If you don't feel like the adjuster has you in your best interest. You can always have the insurance company or your agent reassigned. This is common and never a big deal. Choose the people you trust. On both ends.

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