How to Pick the Right Roof Color for Your Home

Whether you need a roof replacement or are in the process of building a new home, you'll need to pick out a roof color. How do you go about picking out the right roof color though? FH Water Restoration has the answer. We'll start by reminding you though that your roof is a big investment so you want to make sure whatever color you choose really makes your home feel like a home, your home. Here are seven tips from the roofing experts at FH Water Restoration on how to pick the right roof color for your home:

Treat Your Roof like You Treat Your Home's Interior

When you're building a roof on your new home or replacing your roof, treat the project like you would treat picking out the materials/design of the interior of your home. Your roof accounts for about 40% of your home's overall exterior. That being said, let it be your canvas! Take the time to create an inspiration or mood board with varying roof colors, window styles, exterior materials and more. This practice will help you decide the "mood" you'd like your roof and refreshed home to exude and guide you in the right direction for the color.

Don't Feel Limited by What Color Your Roof was Before

If your home is undergoing a roof replacement, it's a good time to re-evaluate the color of your roof and if another color would improve the look of your home overall. It may be tempting to keep your roof the same color it was before - in other words, playing it safe - but why not use this opportunity for a broader refresh? If you can boost your curb appeal by going with a different shingle color than you had before, the team at Fire and Hail recommends it!

Consider Bold Options

Your roof has the ability to make or break the style of your home and how much it stands out. It can take an average home from average to bold and statement-making. Check out some of these "bright. brilliant. bold" options from Owens Corning for some inspiration on your journey to a bold roof.

Don't Forget About Cost

Sometimes bolder or more unique shingle colors can be a little more expensive than the average and popular colors. This is something to consider when picking out your color. Now, we don't want this to deter you from getting creative with your roof color, but it is something to consider when deciding what fits in your budget. This is where your roofing contractor can be helpful. Roofing contractors, such as FH Water Restoration, provide quotes and help you weed out which shingles/roof options to choose from based on your budget.

See the Color In Person

Before making a decision, roofing experts suggest seeing the color in real life. One way to do this is to have your roofing contractor or builder point out homes in your neighborhood that have the same roof color you're considering. It's even better if you can find a home with a similar roofline and pitch therefore you can understand how the color looks at certain angles and in certain lighting. Essentially, you want to see the shingles/roof color in action.

Don't Get Fixated on Everything Matching

When building or designing a home, many people assume everything on the exterior needs to match. The roof needs to match the doors. The doors need to match the windows. The list goes on. Fire and Hail wants to tell you to stay away from this strategy. The reason being, no matter how closely you think you've matched something, the difference in materials, placement on the home, and lighting will result in nothing matching exactly. And guess what? This is okay! It's better to focus on having a cohesive look that creates a home with dimension and style.

Consider Hiring a Home Designer

If you're struggling with picking out the right roof color for your home, you may want to consider hiring a home designer to help you make the decision. Home designers have a professionally trained eye and can easily provide an opinion on what would look best. In some cases, you can hire them for just a day to go through options with you and get you on the right roof color path. We believe that in most cases though, you'll be able to confidently make this decision on your own.

Picking the right roof color for your roof replacement or new build should be a fun experience. It's an opportunity to refresh your home and up the ante on the exterior of your space. Do you need a new roof or have questions about how to pick the right roof color for your home? The roofing experts at FH Water Restoration are standing by to help you make decisions about the roof of your home and implement any changes you may desire. Contact our roofing division today! 


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