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Water Restoration FAQ

What is the first thing I do after a fire?
Immediately following a fire you must ensure the damage does not worsen -- we recommend calling Water Restoration immediately. We'll send a team of experienced fire damage restoration experts straight to your doorstep.

What do I do when fire restoration companies are knocking on my door?
Your insurance company may, or may not, offer you a list of their "Preferred Contractors" to choose from. Depending on your policy, you may be able to choose your own company, independent from your insurance carrier. Water Restoration is a "Preferred Contractor" for many of the large insurance carriers.

What about Public Adjusters who want me to sign on the spot?
You can take their information, but do NOT sign anything on the spot. There may be excessive fees or percentages charged for their bids. Water Restoration provides every service you need in-house.

How long does it take to clean up after fire damage?
FH Water Restoration works quickly and efficiently to clean up all fire and smoke damage in your home or business. The time required to thoroughly clean the premises varies, depending on the damage severity and scope of the job. We'll be able to offer a better estimate once our technicians can assess the situation in person.

Can I inspect my home and belongings after fire damage?
Keep safety first. We recommend that you not re-enter the property after a fire at your home or business. Since the structure may be unstable, you risk further damage to the building and your possessions. Avoid the possibility of personal injury by staying out.

Do I need to move out during the restoration process?
If your house suffers smoke damage due to an incident in the kitchen, it depends on the severity of the damage if you have to move out. There are some really good reasons for moving out. It will allow the workers to assess the house and conduct any repairs. During such a time, one would have to move into a motel. The soot damage may mean one's clothing is destroyed and unusable.

It will allow you to have essentials, such as clothes and boots for work, cleaned and not stored in a smelly home.

Purchasing new items right away should only be done by approval of the insurance adjuster. You must ensure they keep all the receipts safe.

In the case of a fire loss or smoke damage, the insurance must act fast. There is a legal requirement that they work fast. If you feel the insurer is moving too slow to compensate for the soot damage, it is essential to contact them or FH Water Restoration. We are happy to help with this!   

What will happen to your items left in your home during the fire restoration process?
Any item left in the home during the fire restoration process will be assessed, salvaged, and restored whenever possible. We always work swiftly and efficiently to save as many of your possessions as we can.

What are some safety concerns?
Immediately following any type of property damage, structural integrity and injury are the primary concerns. The situation is not over simply because the fire has been put out. For instance, parts of a building may appear stable, but after damage, could crumble without warning. Keep yourself and your family, or employees and customers, out of that situation.

What items do I keep in my possession?
If possible, always keep your personal identification on hand. You may also wish to have your insurance information, keys, and cellphone available.

How do I keep track of non-restorable items?
We recommend beginning this process now. Pick up a notebook, take a few photographs of your possessions, and jot down information on these items. This record can be helpful in various situations. If anything is ever damaged beyond repair, this documentation will make it easier to replace items. 

What about special items - artwork, heirlooms, China, etc?
If you know their location and description, notify our technicians. We will do our best to salvage and restore special items first.

Who is responsible for paying for the fire restoration service?
Typically, the homeowner is responsible for payment. However, you may wish to file a claim with your insurance company, who will then cover the cost of restoration and repair services.

Should I file a claim with my insurance company?
Yes, we recommend filing a claim with your insurance company promptly. Water Restoration is happy to assist you with this process.

What happens when I have limited coverage but don’t want to pay out of pocket?
This is usually very situational depending on your Declaration page. We need to do an overview of your coverages before answering what’s doable and not. We can give you what we know from our extensive experience but it’s all hearsay till we see your policy.

For example, your house was tested positive for asbestos, but you have $10,000 in Environmental coverage, and it’s going to cost $30,000 for complete demolition of your home.  What do you do so you don't have to pay out of pocket? The best thing to do is to call us first! 720-454-3311 We can make things work with your insurance company before we ever swing a hammer, and give you peace of mind!

How does my insurance company, or me, pay FH Water Restoration?
|If you have a mortgage, as most of us do, your mortgage company will usually be listed on the check as a payee along with you.

An escrow account may be set up where the insurance carrier sends a check to your mortgage company, they deposit it in their escrow account, and when a certain percentage of the project is done, they release the funds to your contractor accordingly. This check will usually require your endorsement as well.

You must pay your deductible. These can range from $50 on up. It just depends on what YOU chose when your policy was written. A larger deductible generally means lower insurance costs because you are covering the "little" losses without putting in a claim. 

Can you bill my insurance directly?
Yes, we can bill your insurance company directly. We have working relationships with major insurance carriers and work with them to coordinate your coverage and our services as well as invoicing and payment. We will let you know what services, if any, are recommended but not covered by your insurance. In most cases, you will only be billed for your deductible.

Who needs to be involved in my claim?
As your disaster recovery contractor, FH Water Restoration will work with your insurance company's claim adjuster to get necessary repair costs approved. Your mortgage company may also get involved to ensure that your property is returned to pre-damage condition. If that is the case, we will provide your mortgage company with all the necessary documentation to process your payment and meet their inspection requirements.

What happens if you don’t like your adjuster from the insurance company?
All adjusters have their common job descriptions, but some can be more difficult to work with or be very bad with communication. If you have a good reason to want to work with another adjuster, you can always call claims management and present your issues to assign another adjuster. This will delay the process but can put you at peace.

What if my house has asbestos or lead?
Our team is equipped and trained to handle both asbestos and lead. We know best how to deal with contaminants in a modern residential property.

What if I would like to upgrade or remodel my house?
Our primary focus is on restoration services. If you would like to upgrade or remodel your house, we recommend speaking with an experienced contractor in the area. However, we do provide reconstruction if the damage is too severe.

What are flood cuts, and why do they need to get done?
Instead of removing an entire wall, we make flood cuts to only remove affected areas and open up for the drying process. A flood cut will probably be necessary for damage involving contamination from Category Two or Category Three water. Category One leaks that make contact with walls without insulation should not require a flood cut and can be dried. Category One water may start to degrade if left standing for days.

Why is FH Water Restoration better than other restoration companies?

Customer service is our number one priority-since insurance carriers recommend us as a "Preferred Contractor" we have a vested interest in keeping that status. To do that, you must be happy. We are grounded here in Colorado, and you won't have any trouble trying to find us down the road if you should encounter any problems or if you want additional work done in the future, as we have provided for many past customers. Quality Workmanship-we has proved ourselves in the community by providing the highest quality work. We have a great relationship with the local building departments and are often recommended by them. Finally, we take pride in our work, which is a reflection of our company. We are proud to show you our previous projects and are certain that our homeowners are happy that their homes and emergency fire and water restoration were taken care of by FH Water Restoration. 

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