5 Snow and Ice Removal Hacks

Living in Colorado means you have to combat snow and ice in the winter. In just a matter of hours, the Front Range can receive a couple inches to a couple feet of snow. After this happens, most of look outside and dread having to figure out how to get our car out of the driveway. When you're dealing with as much snow as what falls in Colorado, snow removal is no fun. Here are 5 snow and ice removal hacks to remember this winter from FH Water Restoration:

Set a Snow Removal Schedule

Did you know one of the worst things you can do is wait to remove the snow until it has completely stopped snowing? It's true. If you wait all day to shovel until all the snow that's going to fall has fallen, you are not helping yourself out. Instead, we suggest setting a schedule to lightly shovel every one to two hours, depending on how long the snowfall is supposed to last and how hard it's coming down. Shoveling in intervals will save you a load of hurt and a few hours in the snow later on.

Use Your Leaf Blower

Just because all the leaves that are fallen are gone, doesn't mean you need to put your leaf blower away. It's best to keep it handy through winter. Why? Because a leaf blower works wonders on removing light and fluffy snow, making your job of removing it ten times easier.

Get the Right Kind of Shovel

If you don't have enough sidewalk or driveway space to need or utilize a snow blower, there are shovel options out there that make removing snow more comfortable. For instance, the Ames True Temper shovel has four different handle options to use. Plus the shovel can be turned over for scraping tight areas such as steps. Fire and Hail highly recommends giving it a try!

Use a Tarp or Drop Cloth

A drop cloth or tarp may be the key to your speedy snow removal. If snowfall is predicted in the weather forecast, cover your car, porch/steps, sidewalks and anything else you'd like protected with a tarp or drop cloth. When the snowfall has stopped, simply drag the tarp or drop cloth off the spot and shake the snow off. Ta-da, super easy snow removal that took you only seconds!

Grab Your Table Salt

If you're tired of scraping your windows after snowfall/icy conditions, grab your table salt and a sock! Table salt is a wonderful temporary deicer, but only when used in moderation. If icy or wet, snowy conditions are expected, place table salt in a sock and rub it over your car windows and windshield before the icy night is to arrive. The table salt will help prevent a hard frost from forming on your windshield and windows. Remember to use this hack sparingly though as repeated table salt use can cause damage to the surfaces you are deicing.

The cold weather is upon us here in Colorado. In all actuality, it can snow one day and be sunny the next so the best thing to do is to always be prepared. FH Water Restoration suggests keeping these hacks in your back pocket and readily available for when snow or ice does hit.  These hacks will not only make snow removal at your home or on your car easier, but also your daily life easier. With living by the Rocky Mountains, anything is possible when it comes to the weather.

FH Water Restoration wishes you a safe winter here in Colorado! Should you experience a fire, roof problems or find mold/asbestos, let us be your first call. We are experts at getting your residential space back to a place you're happy to call home!


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